Hanging Instructions

Hanging Instructions For Mirrortech Products.
All of our products come complete with hooks attached to enable Landscape or Portrait hanging.
(selected products hang one way only)
Mirror Back 1
We insist that all products are hung using secure wall fixings for each side hook, appropriate for the wall it is intended for, as this spreads the weight across the two fixings.
We DO NOT recommend using string, wire or any other method of fastening between the hooks, other than the way mentioned above.

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If you would like to wall hang our LED cheval, please folllow the information below.

•  Remove legs by undoing the screws to the frame.

•  Fasten 2 hanging brackets of your choice, to the back of the mirror ensuring they are screwed in to the edge of the back frame surround. Mirrortech's suggestion would be to hang on the left and right hand sides.

•  Drill 2 screw holes in to your wall and use fittings suitable for your wall type, (Always consult a professional if unsure and please check for hidden cables and pipes before drilling)

•  Finally screw 2 strong screws in to the holes and leave the heads approx 10mm from the wall and hang the mirror on to the heads.
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